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Monday, March 5, 2012

3 Poems [of Spring and Children]

Come On Outside

Come on outside
It's almost magic time
Sun lights the horizon
Stings smiling eyes

Hurry, the grass is waiting
To feel your bearfeet
And hear your song
That'll keep us from this divide

Let's go, let's take a ride
On the summer wind
Of a Christmas night
I smell the distant smoke in the trees

Come on and don't wait
You got the world held in your eyes
It's whatever you make
As long as the sun does shine


Play Until the Night

Jackets caught purposefully on a tree
But no child in sight
You can hear in the distance
Their laughter and cries
They're far off the farm
On over the hill
Just beyond the bails
And in the forest there
Though they might say
They're not there at all

The rocketship is ready to
Land on the moon
But Houston, I don't think they're landing
Any time soon
Side-tracked from mission
by bouncy balls in zero gravity

You here them in the barn
But how could they be there
That's no place for boys in nice suits
And girls with fixed hair
All ready to enjoy the royal pudding
Though they might never get the treat
A hay-flavored food fight
Takes the ball by storm

You call them on back
But they'll probably never come
Jackets in the sunset
Hung just as they were
Before the dinosaurs
And the great Dinosaur War
After some skillful diplomacy
Now they're friends
Because the different in species
Is really just a name
They're all still dinos
And they'll all go back home the same
For the far off call
And the evening's cerise
Can never truly take
Your friends from your side


 This Road With You

This is the road, our road
And I don't know what will happen on it
So it frightens me

I hold a child's hand
Holding on tight as we both begin to walk
And say what do you see

And the child says,
"I don't know what will happen
but I'm excited to find out with you with me."

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